On Friday 9th June (2pm-7pm) and Saturday 10th June (10am-3pm) we welcomed the local community to our public exhibition, hosted at the Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre.

Public Exhibition

Members of the project team were on hand to speak with our neighbours and view the proposals on our exhibition boards.

With the pre-application consultation for the planning stage of ITV South Bank proposals now complete, we have now submitted a planning application to Lambeth Council.

ITV have been pleased to meet with a wide variety of local community and political stakeholders who have helped to shape the final version of the plans for the new HQ.

The changes to the proposals as a result of ITV’s consultation with stakeholders can be summarised as follows:

• Height of the residential building: The height of the building has been reduced from 38 storeys to 31 storeys.

• Publicly accessible square: We have revised the location of the site security office to ensure we can monitor and manage activity in the square 24/7. A draft Management Plan for the square has been prepared and will be submitted as part of the application which carefully considers the surrounding homes, seeking to ensure the protection of their amenity.

• Further public realm enhancements: The proposals will provide new open space for Upper Ground and deliver improved frontage and relationship to Queen’s Walk.

• More trees for Upper Ground: ITV is pleased to be able to include a further uplift in trees as part of the proposals, both for Upper Ground’s streetscape and across the publicly accessible areas of the ITV HQ. We have now also excluded the removal of Tree 24 on Queen Elizabeth Walk from our proposals. It will now be retained and can continue to be enjoyed by the local community.

We are part of the South Bank community, committed to being a good neighbour and to ongoing public consultation during the statutory planning application period.

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